Technical-constructive features:
Internal core in thermoplastic polymer suitable to be in contact
with food (in accordance with FDA Regulation rule under code 21
CFR) and breathing air, reinforcement in double aramidic fiber
braid, exterior covering in antiabrasion polyurethane stabilized to
UV rays and resistant to micro-organisms, micro perforated for
air and compatible gas.
AT8S BREATHING AIR series hoses have been created for the
high pressure conduction of fluids for air compressor stations,
SCBA refilling requiring a raw material suitable to be used with
food. The hose is not suitable for medical and pharmaceutical
use and to be in contact with food containing alcohol and
explosive gas.
Utilization temperature:
From –40°C to +82°C. Max. working temperature of air, water and fluids containing water: + 70°C.
Working pressure:
Safety ratio 1:4
Vacuum rating:
-13,5 psi; 27,5 inch Hg
These hoses meet standard CGA G-7.1-2004 Grade E Breathing
Air Standards, NPFA 1901, NFPA 1961, and comply with
European Directive 2002/72/EC, except for the resctrictions
applicable in the individual countries.
These hoses meet or exceed standards SAE J517 sec. SAE
100R8 - EN 855 - ISO 3949.


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