- Application:
Flow diverter connects or takes out inlet flow towards two ports. This special hydraulic scheme is able to control a double action actuator.
- Instruction:
P port is connected with inlet flow and T port with tank line.
A and B valve ports are connected with actuator ports.
- Operation:
Hand lever in pos.1 allows flow from P towards B and in the meantime T allows flow towards A.
Hand lever in pos.2 connects P with A and T with B.
C Type (closed center): when hand lever is in middle position every port is closed.
A Type (open center): when hand lever is in middle position P port allows flow towards T port.
- Optional:
Chromium plated body – Yellow zinc plated body – Nickel plated spindle.
- Features:
Cast iron body – Hardened spindle – Low leakage – 8 Ways arranged.

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