FHV is a flat-face screw-on coupling to be used in heavy duty applications. It can bear high working pressures and has a great flow capacity. The male part is assembled with a double patented valve and can be connected by hand, without tools, under residual pressure (max 35MPa). Connection is easier thanks to a special ball bearing system. The coupling is also provided with a safety sleeve against accidental disconnection. Its hydraulically stressed internal components are very robust; polyurethane seals allow high resistance to extrusion and wear. A further plus in the Zinc-Nickel surface treatment wich improves their resistance to corrosion (min 500h to red corrosion).

CodiceFilettoDiam.B (mm)C (mm)L (mm)CHPortata nom. (l/min)Pressione max di esercizio (MPa)Pressione min. di scoppio innestato (MPa)
FHV16 114NPT F1.1/4"16129-2735520046160
FHV24 112GAS F1.1/2"24157-3446542040160
FHV16 114NPT M1.1/4"16-1442735520046160
FHV24 112GAS M1.1/2"24-1873446542040160

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