Technical Features
Test pressure (PT): PS x 1.43 bar.
Body: made in painted carbon steel.
Standard nitrogen valve : ⅝” UNF.
Constructive methodology: two different parts united whit a special threading that under condition of dynamic pressure tends to selfblock.
Working temperature for standard execution: from - 20°C to + 90°C.
Standard diaphragm: can be used with mineral oils and non corrosive fluids.
Installation: in every position.
Compression ratio:
- recommended: P2/P0 = 2.5.
- maximum : P2/P0 = 6.
Mechanical life: the number of cycles is inversely proportional to the increase compression ratio.
Available :
- HST..LT with diaphragm suitable for working temperatures to –40 °C.
- HST .. M: rechargeable with nitrogen valve M28x1.5.
- HST .. V: not rechargeable with a fixed nitrogen preload in the factory.
- HST .. S: separator of fluid.
- hydraulic execution ½ BPS.
According to: 97/23/CE-PED, 94/9/CE-ATEX Group II Cat 2, GOST-R (Russia), SELO (China).

CodicePressione massimaVolume azzoto (Lt)Precarica max (Bar)HDBCConnessione idraulicaPortata massimaPesoDis. N°
HST0,13000.1221014180.0094.022.0M 18X1,5452.101
HST0,353000.35210152101.00100.022.0M 18X1,5503.201
HST0,53000.50210175124.00120.022.0M 18X1,5605.001
HST0,73000.70210218100.0080.022.0M 18X1,5555.501
HST0,83000.80210185138.0085.022.0M 18X1,5605.802
HST1,33001.30210232120.00180.022.0M 18X1,5557.901
HST1,53001.50210270138.00160.022.0M 18X1,5558.702
HST2,33002.30210340138.00165.022.0M 18X1,55510.502

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