Straight connectors with metric screws, grower type washers and o-ring, suitable for assembling on oil hydraulic pumps and engines.

CodicePressione max di esercizio (Bar)Gruppo pompaDAViti metriche
RD303/825013/8"26M6 x 20
RD301/225013/8"30M6 x 20
RD401/225021/2"30M8 x 25
RD403/4250218*1,530M8 x 25
RFI303/820013/8"40M6 x 20
RFI301/220011/2"40M6 x 20
RF353/8250-3/4"40M6 x 30
RF351/2250-3/4"51M6 x 30
RF401/225021"51M8 x 25
RF403/425021"56M8 x 35

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