Connection system: pulling back the sleeve.
Disconnection system: pulling back the sleeve.
Shut-off system: flat valve.
Connectability: without pressure.
Disconnection under pressure: not allowed.
Interchangeability: according to ISO 5676 standard.
Balls-bearing latching system.
Internal safety slider (VFB series) patented which allows disconnection only once brakes are on.
Steel plug for female part supplied together with the coupling.
CodiceFilettoDiam.B (mm)C (mm)CHPortata nom. (l/min)Pressione max di esercizio (MPa)Pressione min. di scoppio innestato (MPa)
VF1815FM18x1,5 DIN0654.5-274022110
VF1/1815MM18x1,5 ISO06-42.8324022110
VF7/1815MM18x1,5 ISO06-30.8324022110

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