Technical Features
Maximum working pressure: 330 bar.
Body: in zinc-plated carbon steel.
Use: for an optimal use of an hydropneumatic accumulator is advisable to have, in the almost totality of the applications, a regulation of the flow. The VSA series of flow regulators has been designed to solve this requirement in the most economic way .
Regulation: the flow set point is controlled by means of a set screw without the need of an external control knob.
Installation position: in every position.
Maximum flow without accumulator:
- VSA 18: 50 l/min
- VSA 21: 50 l/min
- VSA 34: 90 l/min
Maximum flow with accumulator: the flow increase following a directlyproportional function to the valueof the nitrogen preload.

CodicePressione massimaPortata max senza accumulatore (lt/min)Connessione idraulica lato accumulatoreConnessione idraulica lato impiantoHACH
VSA1833050M 18X1,5M 18X1,54553.032
VSA2133050M 18X1,51/2"4553.032

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